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Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles per gallon does a Honda XR650L get?

47.7 mpg ‑US (4.93 L/100 km; 57.3 mpg ‑imp) The XR650L is a dual-sport motorcycle manufactured by Honda, part of the Honda XR series. It was released in 1992 as a 1993 model.

What is the history of the Honda XR650L?

The Honda XR650L model was built from 1993 to 2008 with minor updates and color changes. The XR650L'93 was sold in 1993 and was available in one color scheme: Shasta White with Rainbow Blue. The brochures said it was "essentially a street-legal XR600R."

Is the Suzuki XR650L a good dirt bike?

Other manufacturers will soon start making dirt-worthy 650cc D-P bikes. The Honda XR650L is just a set of tires and sprockets away from being a truly good dirt bike. The Suzuki, on the other hand, really can't be made into a serious off-road bike.

What are the must-have add-ons for a Honda XR650R?

A dual-sport lighting kit, a 70-Watt LED headlight, 7/8 bars, and a Trail Tech Voyager GPS are now all must-have add-ons for a race-prepped XR650R. Developed in the 80s and released in 1992 as a 1993 XR model, the Honda XR650L is a factory, street-legal, electric-start version of the XR600R that mostly targeted the North America market.

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