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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of car is a 1973 Dodge Dart Sport?

1973 dodge dart sport selling 1973 dodge dart sport (similar to the demon: duster with dart front clip) 318 automatic, buckets, console. Petty blue with black interior, big bolt disc brake, power steering, and sport racing mirrors. Overall car is very solid original north dakota car.

What is the H code for a 1973 Dodge Dart?

1973 Dodge Dart True H code car with a period correct 340. Power Steering_ Front disc brakes_ Newer paint_ newer interior_ Ram air car for more info call Jordan at 612 290 9299 More Info ›

How many miles does a 1975 Dodge Dart have?

Just arrived from Estate Sale. 1975 Dodge Dart Special Edition all original one owner in great condi ... 1975 Dodge Dart FULLY original and has just over 63,000 original miles. It has the original 225 slan ...

Why is the Dodge Dart Sport not called the Dodge Demon?

You’d have to wait another year for Dodge to get their version of it called the Demon. That name caused a bit of controversy (apparently people got offended back then, too), so Dodge rebranded the car as the Dart Sport for 1973.

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